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Tid Bits About Our Fits

Choose your style

No matter the body type, we have a jean styled just for you. Each of our five fits boast confidence, comfort, and versatility for any lifestyle. It's our mission to blur the lines between what "style" is associated with each waist size. No matter your size, you can enjoy any of these fits. When browsing through our catalogue, keep these few things in mind about each fit:

RELAXED - Definitely our most spacious pair of jeans. The cinch buckle-back gives you freedom to change the snugness. We molded these after the 1950's stovepipe leg to give you the most room in the waist and thigh.

CLASSIC - When it comes to the classics, we know exactly what you expect: standard waist and thighs and a straight leg. We've given a modern appeal to time-tested straight leg jeans.

FLEX SLIM - Designed to give you the most versatility available: stretchy denim allows for unequaled range of motion. Also one of the most tapered and skinny jeans in our collection. Slim waist. Slim leg. Flex thigh. Who said that you have to walk like a penguin in skinny jeans?

MODERN SLIM - You know your favorite pair pants? Well these fit even better. They have a fuller transition from top waist to thigh than our Flex Slim, but they still retain the slim leg silhouette. We left room in the waist and thigh, and it's still one of our best looking jeans.

ATHLETIC - These were engineered for guys who have a smaller waist, but bigger thighs and butt. Whether it's from hitting the gym or just genetics, we give you extra room by extending the back rise. From there, the fit transitions to a full thigh and a clean, straight leg below the knee.