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Mi Cocina is special because all of our beautiful kitchen accessories are made with denim.  Whether it’s a heavy duty twill or a light weight chambray, our materials are dyed with indigo which will fade and become more distressed over time, just like your favorite pair of jeans.  To avoid unwanted dye transfer, we recommend that you wash our denim product with darks and separate them from lights and whites.  If on the other hand you wish to keep your dark, especially raw pieces looking as rich as possible, follow these specific instructions to preserve as much of the color as possible.

TABLE TOP  (Placemats, table runners, napkins), KITCHEN ACCESSORIES  (Oven mitts, panhandle holders, pot holders/trivets) and ON BODY  (Aprons, ponchos)

Raw, unfinished denim will crock, especially at first wash.  For best results, hand wash separately in cold water with delicate liquid laundry detergent.  Avoid dryer and hang dry.