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Size Matters!

If like many Americans you need a little more room for your.... Thighs then you've came to the right place. You shouldn't have to try and force your body into a pair of jeans that simply don't accommodate all of your glory. Instead, we changed the rules of the game: size and style as one. Now you can feel comfortable with your body, no matter your height, muscle mass, or proportions, and wear a jean that creates an elegance around all that. 

At Ubiquitous Industries, size truly does matters to us. Too many of today's brands are stuck habitually creating a product that you have to adapt to. Why design something that completely neglects the people who will be using that product? We understand that many people, ourselves included, have tried and tried again to find a pair of jeans that not only fits us, but can also compliment our body at the same time.We demand that there be no more red marks around your waist from too tight of jeans and no more constricted spaces for your package. 

When you buy our jeans, know that we examined every measurement and centimeter of the jean. From the top to bottom, we rescaled each jean to adjust to the way body's are actually made. We don't follow a set pattern for each size of jean. We are standing out by having you fit in.