Big and Tall Denim | Jeans size 40-46 – MI COCINA / UBI-IND
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Made To Fit

Whether you’re a cyclist runner, football player, basketball player - any type of athlete with prominent glutes and larger quads - we know your struggle when it comes to finding great-fiting jeans with a modern line.

Too often you are left out of the equation because you have a larger waist, more muscular legs, or a naturally prominent seat. Forget that! UBi-IND gives you the space you need and the style you’ve been looking for. We make handcrafted, stylish jeans that feel great on.

Great denim designs, the highest quality, and personalized proportions. As you can see in these side-by-side shots, our jeans fit right and keep their lines tight on guys bodies at both ends of the spectrum.